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History of Establishment



Apart from the government and the private sector, the role of the third sector also needs to be harmonized to bolster every resource in a synergistic involvement towards the sustainable educational institution.

The overall empowerment of a philanthropic-based funding activity involving the management of waqf and zakat, donations and gifts, endowments and chair in UPM is indispensable to put UPM's philanthropic governance transformation on the right track.




The dedication tradition in UPM's land has grown for a long time, encompassing all major areas and university core activities such as education and research as well as social services and volunteers; either by donating money and money; contributing ideas, time and energy; sharing knowledge and expertise; etc.

The culture of  "Knowledgeable We Serve" in UPM nourished with several worship instruments through ijtma'ie funding sector based on donations such as charity, gifts, zakat, waqf etc. which not only serve as a welfare mechanism to help those in need, but even more importantly are the claim of the caliph in administering and prospering the trust of Allah SWT.




UPM Zakat Fund Trust was established with the cooperation of the Selangor Zakat Board (LZS) since 2002 which was placed under the responsibility of the Head of Student Welfare Unit (UKP), Student Affairs Division (BHEP).

Based on the Agreement on the Appointment of Amil’s Assistant between UPM and LZS, UPM shall submit all zakat collection to LZS and LZS shall return to UPM 50% of the proceeds of zakat collection as allocation fund allocated to only five (5) asnaf categories only among eligible UPM citizens.

However, for some factors, UPM's Zakat collection and distribution activities could only be initiated in 2004, with a record amount of zakat collection of RM934,474.04 and a total asnaf fund raising of RM100,838.50 during the year.

In 2009, BHEP upgraded the UKP into the Student Welfare Section (SKP) and set up a new unit under the Zakat and Spiritual Management Unit (UPZK) to improve zakat management and empower students' spiritual activities.

In 2013, with the strength of an employee (N41); assistant officers (N27); as well as five (5) operation staff (N17), UPZK succesfully managed to record zakat collection amounting to RM4,894,639.53 and asnaf funds distribution amounting to RM2,370,659.97.




The idea and intention of establishing a waqf fund has been put in UPM since 2002. Although the proposal for the establishment of the waqf funds has been approved by the University Management Committee (JPU), the intention cannot be forwarded to the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (MAIS) level because of a few number of issues that cannot be resolved.

In October 2010, the intention of setting up the waqf funds was revived by the Steering Committee, which was chaired by the "Secretariat for UPM’s Waqf Fund" under the responsibility of the Head of Zakat and Spiritual Management Unit (UPZK) BHEP and then presented the proposal to the Waqf Management Committee Meeting Selangor Islamic Religious Council (MAIS) No. 3/2011 on August 11, 2011.

MAIS party through its letter dated August 16, 2011 (Reference No.( 4)) MAIS / E / MAL / 01/002/04) has informed the approval of the establishment of the UPM Wakaf Ilmu Fund pursuant to Section 89 of the Administration of Islamic Religious Enactment (State of Selangor) 20013 "That the Council is the sole Trustee for waqf throughout the State of Selangor".

Next, the DYMM Sultan of Selangor as the UPM Chancellor has consented to officiate the launch on August 19, 2011 corresponding to 19 Ramadan 1432H conjunction with Iftar and Tarawih prayer with him.

In order to build stronger collaborative ties, an Agreement related with UPM Waqf Fund between MAIS and UPM was signed on February 2, 2012.

In August 2013, the "Secretariat of the Waqf Dana Fund" was upgraded as a Waqf Fund Management Section(SPDWI) and transferred under the Portfolio of Bahagian Pengurusan Penjanaan Pendapatan dan Hasil (BPPPH), the Bursar Office with the capacity of an officer (N41) and two (2) operation staff (W27).

The total cumulative collection of Waqf Fund (cumulative) on December 31, 2013 was RM3,959,667.83, while the total revenue generated was RM169,624.31.




The earliest UPM endowment funds recorded were RM1 million as a result of the Malayan Banking contribution in 1981. Up until 2013, UPM had eight (8) endowment funds totaling RM44.85 million with a total return of RM2.66 million a year, at in addition to three (3) chair worth RM1.18 million with a total return of RM39 thousand a year.

In principle, the management and execution of activities of all these endowment and chair funds are under the supervision of the respective Responsibility Center (PTJ), where the scope and role of Bursar's office is limited to financial operations; investment activity; and monitoring of relevant trust accounts only.




The proposal for the upgrading of the Zakat and Spiritual Management Unit (UPZK) and the Secretariat of the Wakaf Ilmu Fund (SDWI) as a new PTJ has been developed for the first time in the 467th JPU Meeting on July 17, 2013 9 Ramadan 1434H. The JPU meeting at that time had decided that UPZK was upgraded as Section and retained under BHEP, while SDWI was upgraded as SPDWI Fund Management Fund Management Section and transferred to Bursar's Office Management.

Furthermore, the proposal to empower all philanthropic management entities at UPM as a new PTJ under the Vice Chancellor's Office (with the re-merging of SPZK and SPDWI and the utilize the potential endowment) was presented to the 544th JPG Meeting on June,24 2015 7 Ramadan 1436H and decided the resolution to establish a new Division of "Zakat, Waqf and Endowment" (BZWE) which is placed under responsibility of the Bursar's Office.

On June 29, 2016 23 Ramadan 1437H, the proposed establishment of the Centre for Management of Waqf,Zakat and Endowmen UPM was presented in the 581th JPU Meeting and in principle agreed on the proposal including its placement under the Vice Chancellor's Office with the appointment of a Director.

On August 24, 2016, the 586th JPU Meeting agreed to approve the organizational structure of the Waqf, Zakat and Endowment Management Center (PPWZE) with two (2) Parts of the Waqf and Zakat Divisions; and Endowment Division with effective date on October 1, 2016.

On November 11, 2016, the first PPWZE Management Meeting has agreed to use WAZAN abbreviations to replace the abbreviation PPWZE, which stands for WAqf, ZAkat and EndowmeN words.

In Arabic, WAZAN means a balance sheet or weighing instrument which is also called "Mizan". Understanding WAZAN also leads to five main principles namely Ihsan, Hikmah, Fair, Balance and Excellence in the world and in the hereafter. 




In short, the establishment of WAZAN UPM is very significant in developing the continuing potential and momentum effectively and efficiently as desired by the Minister of Higher Education. This is in line with the targets outlined in the Education Transformation Plan Purple Book to generate sustainable university income.

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