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Knowing the 10 Advantages and Benefits of Charity(Sadaqah)

Rasulullah SAW once said;

"There is no day to be greeted by the servants except there are two angels descending, one of whom said: 'ya Allah, give reward to those who benefit(infaq’).' While the other (angels) say: 'ya Allah, give destruction to those who restrain (their wealth)'. "

(Hadith by Bukhari and Muslim)


Charity(Sadaqah) is not just about giving a part of the property to those who needs, but the benefits of the charity will be more felt by those who do it, including:


1- Strengthen Faith and Get Close to Allah SWT

If we give charity to the sake of worship because of Allah SWT, surely increase our faith in Him.

By offering charity can also get closer to Allah because Allah loves His servants who give much because of Him, not the purpose to show off.


2- Get the Reward

Every good deed done sincerely will be rewarded by Allah SWT. This includes by giving and doing charity to those in needs.

Firman Allah SWT;

"There is no good in most of their whispers, except from the whisperings of those who sent (men) to charity, or to do well or to make peace between men. And whoever does this for seeking the pleasure of Allah, then we will give him a great reward. "

(Surah an-Nissa: 114)


3- Increase Sustenance and Get Blessings

Is it not by giving to others, Allah will give and replace it with something better? It is not our loss to give and to help others with rights and our goods.

Surely Allah will give the blessings of better sustenance for the good things we do. If it does not replace the same, it will be replaced with good health, happiness in the family, pleasure in work and so on. Indeed the sustenance of Allah is very wide and infinite.


4-Heal the Disease

Many research findings prove by doing something positive for others, such as giving or giving charity will help to improve the immune system of a person.

One of these, James House's research concluded that by helping others wholeheartedly and sincerely improves the health of the body and cures minor illnesses.


5-Provides Peace and Happiness

As Muslims we are often advised to do anything good for peace of mind and emotion, including by giving charity. Through the practice of charity will also create a feeling of calm and happiness.

In fact, by spending money on benefit to help others, it will definitely boost the hormones of happiness in our brain. Self-study has proven this truth.


6-Gives Gratitude

Gratitude is when we thank Allah for anything we receive. Then, by giving charity is one way we can thank Allah SWT for all bless and gifts.

Does not it give charity that reminds us that what is owned today is a pleasure and for the consent of Allah SWT? So, if we are a grateful servant, then we should be giving charity countless.


7-Avoided From Stingy Nature

How to prevent ourselves from being part of a stingy people? The person who gives is certainly not stingy.

Actually, by giving alms (even a little) can cultivate our souls and become generous as recommended by Islam. Alms are also taught through zakat and sacrificial acts as compulsory worship in Islam. Indeed, avoid the stinginess because that is the attitude that decreases the sustenance.


8-Train Positive And Fair Thinking

Often we see those who love charity are those who have a fair attitude, and do not dare to take the rights of others without the truth (stealing).

That is the benefit of charity, by doing charity will remind us of the obligations in the social aspect by being fair to those who need help and those in distress.

This will increase the sensitivity and sympathy to the circumstances of people surrounding who sometimes need our attention.


9-Avoided From Worldliness And Materialistic Attitude

The practice of charity will keep us from the greedy of the property and the importance of the world. We will be willing and happy when our property is given to others.

Even this will makes us more hopeful and ask only to Allah because believing every one we have is a loan from Allah SWT. So, alms will keep us from the ayinglism values ​​and love the world solely.


10-Avoid Arrogant

Arrogance may be happen if we ignore alms. If someone gives charity or often gives others, he does not belong to the arrogant people. Arrogant people are those who assume all that is owned is their eternal right.

That's why they don’t feel to giving charity to others. Without them knowing it is God's right that can be taken at any time. So, give alms to avoid being a part of those who are arrogant.


In conclusion, the best example of charity is the Prophet Muhammad. He often gives his food to the poor while He always hungry.

The Prophet was very afraid that in his home there were only a few things or food that had not been divided. Even his own clothes are from the rough and the cheapest.

Abu Dzar once told that one day when he walked with the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Arriving in an open field in Medina which appears to be Hill of Uhud, Rasulullah SAW said;

"Verily the treasure/property is green and sweet. Whoso takes it with generosity, it will be blessed. Whoever takes it with greed, it will not be blessed (If it is not blessed, then he is) like the one who eats, but never satisfied. The hand above (giving) is better than hands under (given). "

(Hadith of Muslim)





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