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Tabung UPM Prihatin@WAZAN Open Up More Space for Contribution

By Nuruliman Ibrahim



SERDANG, November 14 -In addition to zakat and waqf facilities provided by the Centre for Management of Waqf, Zakat and Endowment (WAZAN), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), benefactors can now extend their donation directly to UPM's asnaf students through the Skim WAZAN Prihatin.

The newly introduced scheme is more conceptualized in kafalah, which mean the direct sponsorship of which the WAZAN offers a list of excellent asnaf students from very poor families to be selected and consistently sponsored by any individual or organization.

Under the Scheme, the donors can distribute their sponsorship donation by their own ways and methods and WAZAN will play a role as mediator and facilitator.

For example, a donor who requested his or her name was kept secret, had sponsored two students for RM2,500 per semester with a total of RM5,000.00, while another donor who also asked to keep his or her identity secret, sponsored RM200 per month to a student .

At the same time, a family cooperative of UPM alumni (Class 75) also sponsors 10 students, RM200 per month with a total of RM20,000.00 over two semesters.

WAZAN's director, Dr. Hj. Razali Othman said, with the Skim WAZAN Prihatin, more asnaf students can be focusly helped. "Their family life is very difficult and they themselves are financially finite, some of whom are orphans, among them are the eldest child," he said. "Some of them have to make two types of part time jobs after lecture time to finance some of their study needs here as well as support their families in the village at the same time" he added.

He also added that WAZAN is committed to producing more excellent first-class asnaf students  and also hope that after this, students who receive the scheme will be able to fully focus on their studies and no longer need to worry.

One of the recipients of the Scheme, Nadia Wati Redzuan, who is a bachelor student of education, recorded a great sincere gratitude and awe-inspiring feeling and very grateful thanks for being elected to receive such assistance. "I am very grateful to the sponsors of this assistance and I will make sure this assistance will fully utilized for my study needs." she said again.

Another recipient, who is a student from Bachelor of Science in Forestry, Siti Nadzirah Mazlan, said, "I hope that Allah SWT will find me with His servant who have contributed this help to me so that I can express my gratitude to them." I pray that Allah SWT will always bless and ease all affairs of his family in the world and in the hereafter, "she said again.

Ustaz Zuhaimi Abdul Rahim, Head of the Zakat Management and Asnaf Development Section also called on the people who have been paying zakat and waqf to UPM and still want to give and continue giving, they can get more information about Skim WAZAN Prihatin by contacting him at 03-89471332 or 012-8738277.- WAZAN Online

Siti Nadzirah Mazlan, student of Bachelor of Forestry received a sponsorship of WAZAN Perihatin Scheme presented by WAZAN UPM's Director.
WAZAN UPM's Director presented a sponsorshipof  WAZAN Perihatin Scheme to Nadia Wati Redzuan, student of Bachelor of Education.

Date of Input: 14/11/2017 | Updated: 28/09/2018 | nuruliman


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