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Dr. Hjh Hasnah Waqf Bungalow for UPM

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Sit from left; Dr Hj Razali, Pn Hjh Nor Amriah, Dr Hjh Hasnah, Hj Azzerol Affendi. Standing from left; Dr Siti Anom, En Nadzri, En Nuruliman, Dr Sharizal Dolah, En Wan Mazlan, Dr Noranita.



SEREMBAN, October 16 - The wishes that has long been dreamed by a former lecturer from the Faculty of Human Ecology of Universiti Putra Malaysia, Dr. Hjh. Hasnah Udin to give her bungalow as a sustainable elderly care center (jariah) is now a reality.

The bungalow named UPM as the ultimate beneficiary (Mauquf 'Alaih) and vested in the name of Majlis Agama Islam Negeri Sembilan (MAINS) as the Trustee in accordance with waqf enactment that "the State Islamic Religious Council is the sole Trustee of any waqf property in the country".

According to Dr. Hjh. Hasnah, the bungalow is the property of her and her husband, the late Abdul Rahman Yaacob or better known as Pak Ngah Atan, the first Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, UPM. "By collecting some of our salaries while working in UPM, we were able to buy this bungalow for a long time ago and that's why we feel we need to donate( waqf) for UPM," she said.

During her pronouncing the sighah wakaf wishes, she said, how big her hopes and her late husband to make this waqf property can be used as a elderly care center or anything that the UPM thinks fit for the welfare of the elderly.

The bungalow, named "Teratak Pak Ngah Atan", is located at Golf Height, Seremban is valued at around RM626,000 with an estimated area of 8,000 square feet.

Chief Executive Officer of Negeri Sembilan Wakaf Corporation (PWNS), Tn Hj. Azzerol Effendi Abdul Kadir who is also present at the briefing of the waqf bungalow, said PWNS will provide all the cooperation and assistance to ensure that UPM can realize the good intention of the person who make the donation (wafq).

He added, "Even though the elderly care center is not a main priority for PWNS because the role of devotion to parents is the responsibility of the children, but the establishment of this center is a very unique idea. I understand that the concept of  the center is a daycare concept and structured research operated by the Malaysian Institute of Aging Research (IPPM) UPM where it will certainly bring many benefits to the general public, especially for residents around Seremban ".

Dr. Hj. Razali Othman, Director of the Centre for Management of Waqf, Zakat and Endowment (WAZAN), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in the same event, also thanked and express high appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Hjh. Hasnah and her family for the donation( wafq). “I am also grateful and hope that there will be more wealthy talents to give some of their property as waqf for Dana Wakaf Ilmu UPM, especially UPM’s pensioners and alumni” He added.

According to the deputy director of IPPM, Prof. Associate Ir. Dr. Siti Anom Ahmad, the IPPM has collaborated with Faculty of Design and Architecture (FRSB), UPM to provide customized modifications and facility designs for that bungalow in accordance with the latest standards to meet the needs of elderly. She added "The IPPM has also set up a nursing and research module that can be used as benchmarks for any elderly care center".

Ustaz Nuruliman Ibrahim, Head of Waqf Fund Management Section, UPM said this is the first time and his new experience of managing UPM's waqf property outside from Selangor. He further said "Hajj is a record of trust that can not be erased from history, because whoever made donation(waqf) hence the reward will last until the Day of Judgment. Alhamdulillah, at this stage we have all agreed to name the UPM's Elderly Care and Research Center UPM-PWNS as  "Wakaf Pak Ngah Atan".


"Let us pray together for the hope that this wafq bungalow will be replaced with the most beautiful paradise by Allah SWT, the Almighty, in the hereafter and hopefully anyone who helps to realize the wishes of those who give donation( waqf) will also be invited together to the paradise" his prayer during the end of the ceremony. - WAZAN ONLINE








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