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 Waqf Definition

Wakaf is also known as a jariah charity which is a form of worship that is owned by the intention of bringing closer to Allah S.W.T for the benefit of the ummah. Wakaf is a permanent practice of jariah where pewakaf will be rewarded  a continuous pahala until the Day of Judgment.


Dana Wakaf Ilmu UPM 

Dana Wakaf Ilmu UPM is a facility where dedication given to UPM through the practice of waqf, whether cash or property (transfer/non transfer) under the management of the Pemegang Amanah Dana Wakaf Ilmu Committee chaired by the UPM Vice-Chancellor in performing the Mutawalli function (Manager/Administrator Property of Waqf) in the interest and progress of scientific activities.

In summary, Dana Wakaf Ilmu UPM is a fund-raising initiative that adopts waqf methods through individual contributions, corporate donations, cooperatives and non-governmental organizations, returns from waqf properties, agricultural and plantation projects revenue, industrial sector project revenues and as well as from the returns of money and model market portfolio returns which is intended to create a sustainable long term infrastructure to meet the needs and funding of academic activities involving UPM Staff.

Although this fund-raising uses the concept of waqf, the acceptance of the contribution is not limited to being obtained from individuals and organizations belonging to Muslims only. Non-Muslim individuals and organizations are also open and may contribute to this fund.

This is in line with the goals of the fund raising program aimed at enhancing the overall contribution of the society in the form of donations and endowments for the development and pursuit of knowledge at the University, and its benefits will be enjoyed by all regardless of Religion.


The Purpose of Dana Wakaf Ilmu

  • Become the main motivator and organizer of the jariah practice and knowledge guidance through the contribution of waqf and infak.
  • Enabling opportunities for all level of society to carry out charitable and jariah activities.
  • Playing role as facilitator and manager of welfare and da'wah practice. 


Benefit of Dana Wakaf Ilmu UPM

Each of the infk and waqf funds in UPM, whether general waqf or special waqf special, will be fully utilized through the provision of facilities and infrastructure for scientific activities, including teaching and learning programs, da'wah activities and gathering, research and innovation and community services that are core activities university.



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