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Opportunities to serve through Rakan Bakti Putra's Charity Sale

By Nuruliman Ibrahim
Photo Wan Muhammad Isam Wan Ismail



SERDANG, November 3 - In conjunction with the 41st Agriculture Expo and Convocation Ceremony of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), which begins today until November 7, visitors will not only be able to get UPM's best products, but will also have the opportunity to serve by contribute in students' welfare when buying products and goods at booth of Rakan Bakti Putra's Charity Sale.


Some Charity Sales products are produced by Center for Management of Waqf and Zakat Endowment (WAZAN), while others are the result of the joint venture by both Bursar Office and Rakan Bakti Putra, as well as products from the Institute and Pusat Tanggungjawab (PTJ) within UPM.


Various items such as souvenirs, reading materials, health products as well as food and beverages are sold through the Charity Sales project. Among of them are orchid jars and flower pots to be used as gifts for graduates, as well as various mushaf Al-Quran as well as Waqf Ibtida guides, notes, collection related with the prayer and waqf reading materials, various health products such as Afdhal oil, REMDII and Healen products as well as pastry products and fruit juices.


This Charity Sale was organized together with WAZAN and Bursar Offices in collaboration with the Kesatuan Kakitangan Am UPM (KEPERTAMA) as part of the UPM asnaf development program under the Rakan Bakti Putra project.


Head of Waqf Fund Management Section, Mr. Nuruliman Ibrahim said 15% - 30% of the sales price of the product will be channeled into Dana Wakaf Ilmu and Rakan Bakti Putra's fund to meet the various needs of the students, including their financial, welfare and wellbeing. He said that through this Charity Sale, not only did people have the opportunity to serve the university by buying the products offered. Even as a Rakan Bakti Putra, students who have received waqf or zakat assistance also have the opportunity to serve the university by contributing their time and energy in order to success of this Charity Sale.


According to Mr. Zuhaimi Abdul Rahim, Rakan Bakti Putra (RBP), officially launched on 15 October 2015, is a special initiative aiming at UPM's asnaf students to produce more first-class students in their academic achievement, personality and soft skills, including the Intelek Cendikia program (CGPA) 3.5 and above), Mahasiswa Cemerlang program (CGPA 2.5 and below), RBP Entrepreneur program, part-time job opportunities in campus and others. He, who is also Head of the Zakat Management and Asnaf Development Section adds "What is interesting in this Charity Sales project is that it is fully mobilized by the Rakan Bakti Putra group involving about 90 asnaf students under the supervision of the WAZAN".


WAZAN's director, Dr. Hj. Razali Othman said that although the amount of revenue collected by the Charity Sales was very important in measuring the success of this project, profit or sales turnover are not the only target. "What's more important is the WAZAN mission to enhance the public's awareness of the importance of the devotional culture," he said. "We also hope that through such activities, more and more will be aware of the existence of WAZAN and its role in UPM and will become more interested to give zakat and waqf in UPM to help more students who are in need," he added. - WAZAN Online


Rakan Bakti Putra provide delivery service.
Rakan Bakti Putra took photo together with Bursar UPM.
One of Rakan Bakti Putra student busy  entertaining the customer.
Organized orchid is ready for sale as a souvenir.
Among the orchid collections in pots are also getting the attention of orchid fans.
UPM Bursar visited Bakti Putra's orchid composition class.
Jualan Amal stall open early in the morning.
List of product and price for customer guidance .






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