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Senior Citizens' Center Project

The Aging Research Institute of Malaysia (MyAgeing ™) is a national research institution that plays a leading role in aging research in Malaysia and develops social innovation model as an input to the government to manage the senior citizens so that Malaysian citizens can live actively and productively.

The UPM is very pleased with Mrs. Hjh Hasnah for her good intention to waqf her residence at Golf Height, Seremban as the center of daily activity of senior citizens.

MyAgeing™ has been entrusted to develop a senior citizens activity center that operates on a daily basis where no night stay is available.

With reasonable rates, senior citizens who interested can attend daily and a range of appropriate activities will be provided.

The activities carried out, not only to fill the leisure time but are designed so that it can stimulate cognitive and psychomotor thinking of senior citizens. This can reduce the risk of mental health and illness which is a common problem in the elderly.

The development process will involve the modification process Teratak Pak Atan to elder-friendly environment.

Elder-friendly environment mean any construction is appropriate for senior citizens and reduce the risk of accidents. For example the selection of floor types, options and layout of furniture, as well as color selection.

In addition to being a care center, aging research activities will also be conducted which will be open to those who interested. MyAgeing has done a lot of qualitative studies in the field of aging.

The results of this study will be translated into the real applications through translational research's activities at this care center.

This project is a collaboration between several entities in UPM namely MyAgeing ™, WAZAN Center and Faculty of Design and Architecture. Hopefully through the development of this senior care / senior citizens' research center, our senior citizens can run their daily lives more actively and productively.


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Updated:: 28/09/2018 [nuruliman]